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About Us

Muhammad Asim Shah Gillani - COO
Syed Muhammad Arif Hussain — Founder & CEO.

Our Story

Al Baba Enterprises is a Group of Visionaries and dedicated team. Mr.Muhammad Asim Shah Gillani and Mr.Syed Muhammad Arif Hussain has founded Al Baba Enterprises as  International Logistics Service Provider and a Trading Arm for their clients in Domestic as well as in International market. We provide End to End Service to our valued clients by Inter Modal Transport.

Mr. Syed Muhammad Arif Hussain is Co -Founder and C.EO  of Al Baba Enterprises. Management team have more than 30 years accumulated Expertise in Maritime and its related fields and fully Equipped to meet challenges of all kinds of Specialized working in emergencies.


Al Baba Enterprises have very strong local support and connections and have an established Cordial working relationship with relevant Authorities, hence can provide effective Protection to their Principals and can represent them in better way.  


Our slogan is Excel in Excellence

CEO Message :

Al Baba is committed to provide services with high degree of quality in most efficient manner and cost effective way to our Principals /Customers to their satisfaction. We believe the quality excellence can be achieved only by preventive measures instead of corrective measures hence it is the duty and direct responsibility of every employee if company to adhere to Quality System of the Company. We cater for the needs of today, recognize the need of tomorrow in a safe and healthy environment by enhancing our skills and knowledge. 


C.E.O  Syed Muhammad Arif Hussain.