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CPEC ,China Pakistan Economic Corridor is a revival of Ancient Silk Route which linked Sub Continent and China to Afghanistan and Central Asia. Central Asian countries like Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekista, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and bordering Chinese province Xinjiang and Afghanistan all are Land Locked. If Central Asian States use Baltic and Balkan Ports they have to use Russian Railways to reach those ports . So, the Freight cost was tremendously high so their Exports could not compete the world market.

Through CPEC, C.I.S  ,Afghanistan and Chinese land locked province can use Pakistani Ports such as Gwadar , Karachi Port and Port Qasim to not only decrease the distance and saving the time but also  Economical in Freight.

Al Baba Enterprises by using our Integrated Multi Modal Transport system facilitate Central Asian Countries , Afghanistan and Xinjiang China to use our Services at Pakistani Ports for the movement of their Inward and Outward  Import and Export Cargo by Sea and by Road and after completion of ML2 Railway network by Rail as well effectively with the shortest possible of time and save lot of Freight cost.